Nina Sky-Heartbeat Video

One of the few decent pop efforts to have been released in recent months, coming from the duo who’ve sporadically released material in recent years and finally drop off their sophomore album tomorrow.

It’s undeniably a song heavily anchored around the hook, and rightfully so in this case as the girls have nailed down a simple and incredibly catchy hook, combining an electro-infused production with airy, atmospheric vocal work for a nice blend of styles. That’s probably a good description of the rest of the track too, as it seems to continually hover that line between club track and chillout and when done correctly as it is here, the combination is usually an effective one.

The visual sticks more with the style of the hook for the verses, with smoky images and a dark filter on the screen adding a little mystery and intrigue, before throwing in scenes of folk dancing in slow-mo to add some more energy to the hook, and ending the video with fireworks and general positive vibes. A good track that could very well be their route back to mainstream success, and look out for that album tomorrow to grab this song.

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