Ne-Yo-Let Me Love You Video

Another one I’m not going to give much love in my spare time, but Ne-Yo’s definitely got one here with the first single from the R.E.D. album.

I’ve got no doubts that this will go on to absolutely dominate the clubs over the coming months, with a paint-by-numbers electro-pop production that’s upbeat, uptempo and a heavy hook focus, the contents of which are extremely catchy even by Ne-Yo’s consistent standards. The video’s high octane stuff, with plenty of rave scenes coupled with lots of choreography routines from the fleet-footed Ne-Yo. Honestly, there isn’t a great deal else I can say about this one as it’s identical to any other pop track by an ‘R&B artist’; let’s just hope the album has a couple of R&B-style jams for the rest of us.

Makes you appreciate the likes of Frank Ocean that little bit more eh?

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