Nas-Loco-Motive ft. Large Professor

There are only 15 days left until Life Is Good is released, and this song has tipped my excitement over the edge. Everything we’ve heard from the album so far has been excellent, but this? This is, by Nas’ own admission, ‘for my trapped in the 90′s n****s‘. That makes it extra awesome.

No ID serves up a production that’s up there with the grittier beats of the year, pushing punchy percussion together with ominous keys for a beat that transports you back to the 90′s within seconds. Nas’ raps are a great blend of clever, sharp and skilful, bringing snippets of the hunger of a young Nas together with the confidence and self-assuredness of the modern-day version, whilst the lyricism reflects on his aggressive street days, his come-up, and his current status in a nice blend of content. The Large Pro sample on the hook only serves to amp up the intensity of the track, and this is one of my favourite hip-hop tracks of the year. No question.

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