Mickey Factz-Black Tearz Part Two

Whilst it’s always great to get new music from Mickey, particularly after the brilliant Mickey MauSe project, this is a little confusing. Why? Because a track with the same name was released around 18 months ago, but I’m quite sure it isn’t the same track. Nonetheless, let’s enjoy it anyway.

The production is lively and diverse, combining keys, spiky guitars and some head-nodding percussion for an alternative-inspired beat with a hip-hop twist. Mickey’s raps are generally strong, and whilst a couple of the rhymes are a little easier than we’ve come to expect from Factz, it’s more about the superb storytelling dynamic of the songwriting, a style that Mickey’s certainly one of the best at using. The vocals on the hook are harmonic enough to give the song a nice cool down period from the intense verse, and this is a good hip-hop track that hopefully spells the return of more frequent material from Factz.

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