Hodgy Beats is in danger of becoming a seriously overlooked rapper. His Untitled EP from earlier this year was a great demonstration of what he can do outside of the ‘eccentric’ Odd Future style, and this is another example of the skills he possesses as a rapper. Props to Left Brain too, who serves up a good production here.

Hodgy moves in and out of a series of flows, mostly bringing a high speed delivery that sits alongside his best deliveries to date, even moving his raps offbeat at several points and making it work, in an almost Big Boi-esque manner. Left Brain’s production is an experimental one, keeping the percussion muted yet sharp, relying more on a trippy set of sounds that add an uneasy, almost ominous atmosphere to the track and really offers Hodgy a challenge. A strong hip-hop track that’s up there with MellowHype’s best work.

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