Meek Mill-Amen ft. Drake and Jeremih Video

For many, this was the standout track from Meek’s Dreamchasers 2 mixtape, and I’d probably consider it one of the highlights too. It’s a lighthearted, positive track, and for all of Drake’s faults his simple’preeeacch!’ on the hook is incredibly infectious and will surely be a big factor in this having a club impact over (what’s left of) the summer.

The popularity of the track suggests it may find a home on Meek’s upcoming debut LP, Dreams and Nightmares, and if that’s the case he’s got a solid, mainstream-ready video here as his first single. The video opens with the usual themes, staring with ‘the morning after’, moving to nice cars and private planes, before throwing in scenes of the club. The highlights visually are the addition of a little live and backstage footage from what I assume is Drake’s recent OVO Fest, which provides a couple of nice cameos from J. Cole and others, and whilst the video isn’t anything new thematically, it’s a feelgood, lively clip that’s sure to find plenty of favour in the mainstream.

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