King Louie-Showtime Mixtape

Check out the brand new mixtape Showtime from Chicago up-and-coming MC King L (formerly King Louie). Over the past few months King L has signed to Epic Records, gotten the Kanye co-sign, worked with 2Chainz, Red Cafe, opened for Mobb Deep and Waka Flocka and has been featured on XXL, MTV Rap Fix and more.

I’ve seen this guy’s name pop up quite a lot in hip-hop discussions (though he’s now rebranded himself as King L), usually in tandem with that of Chief Keef, with both being emerging artists out of Chicago. Like myself, I expect this will be many readers’ first interaction with his music, and here’s to hoping his music holds up to the calibre of the co-signs listed above. Free grab available below.

King Louie-Showtime

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