Her remix of Drake’s Marvin’s Room a little over a year ago was a widespread success, and now she’s snagged the track’s producer, Drake’s running buddy Noah ’40′ Shebib, for an original track of her own.

The maturity in her style is evident from the off, with a more sultry delivery that suits the soft production really well. There’s no doubt that this is targeted at those looking for a bit of bedroom music, and 40′s created a suitable atmosphere for it with his typically haunting, atmospheric melodies, sparse and well-utilised percussion and a slow tempo to pack it all into. JoJo delivers with the vocals, capping her emotional delivery at the right point to ensure she doesn’t break the mood of the track, and this is a solid all-round R&B jam that’s worth a listen. Currently slated to hit iTunes at the end of August.

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