Jamieson-I Get Busy Video

The lead single off of his most recent release, “I Came, I Saw Vol.3,” currently available on iTunes. The video is already on rotation on MTV Base in Europe and Africa and featured MTVIggy.com.

With plenty of international traction already, it looks like Jamieson might have a breakout hit on his hands here. The production has a real knock to it, throwing a punchy, pacey percussion in with a sharp melody that’ll ring around your head for hours, providing Jamieson with a strong, sturdy backdrop to lay out some rhymes on. The flow is as watertight as ever, demonstrating that unique hybrid style once more with his British style wrapped in with a little New York influence, whilst the wordplay and lyricism keeps up well throughout.

The video is a pretty simple one, mostly focused around the animation of the hook points of his lines, and whilst I’m sure many would prefer a more ‘traditional’ video, we’ve seen plenty of them from Jamieson in the past and this makes for a bright, colourful departure from that style. Diversity in your catalogue is never a bad thing. Be sure to pick up the I Came, I Saw, Vol. 3 EP on iTunes right now.

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