HAIM-Forever EP

I read about HAIM a few weeks back and having briefly listened to a track, I wrongly assumed they were already popular. A band of 3 sisters, Danielle’s feature on Childish Gambino’s Royalty led me to follow up on their work, and whilst HAIM haven’t been around long enough to hit the mainstream, they’re primed to do so.

Fusing indie-folk overtones, R&B sensibilities and a hint of alternative edginess, the trio have a polished and remarkably unique sound that’s very easy-to-digest. The title track is a retro-styled effort with a blend of bittersweet lyricism and lively instrumentation, whilst Go Slow delivers a deliberately-paced, atmospheric vibe that spotlights the harmonic capabilities of the group. Better Off lands somewhere in the middle, with a booming percussion combined with jagged guitar strums and melodic vocal work for a blend of soft aura and sharpness that has a strong pop sensibility. They’re an extremely well-rounded triumverate and it’s only a matter of time before these guys are paraded as the next big find. Jump on board early by grabbing their EP below.

HAIM-Forever EP

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