Frank Ocean-Golden Girl ft. Tyler, The Creator

Even more Frank Ocean! One that didn’t make the iTunes release but is likely to feature on one of the CD releases, Frank grabs Odd Future compatriot Tyler, The Creator for a bonus track from Channel Orange.

A decent track but probably best that its a bonus cut, as it’s nothing beyond OK. It may be because the quality of this version isn’t ideal (either that or all of the vocals have been deliberately distorted), but it seems to lack depth from a production perspective. Whilst the summery, laidback vibe does make a nice change to some of the more sombre material on the album, it’s a little too light and hence doesn’t quite capture the imagination as Frank’s songs usually do, which in turn makes Frank’s vocals feel a little too distant from the beat. Can’t fault his performance again though, as he takes to the more positive, bouncy style well and adds plenty of upbeat qualities himself, whilst ensuring its not as lyrically heavy as much of his work tends to be.

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