Elle Varner-I Don't Care

I’m assured her Perfectly Imperfect album is still on the way, and if the material continues to be of this quality, let’s hope that’s the case. It’s been a couple of months since she dropped anything new, but returns here with a strong effort that will entertain her current fans and win her some new ones.

A real vintage R&B vibe on this one, with a vocal delivery that moves from sultry to emotional with ease, resulting in a frighteningly addictive performance from Elle, whilst her lyrical output matches that with some pretty open and honest songwriting. The production makes great use of a thudding percussion to drive it along at a steady pace, with light keys adding a touch of softness into the mix for the verses, before some positive synth work joins Elle on the excellent hook. Could be a really popular song for Elle, and it’s one I’ll be giving plenty of playtime.

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