DJ Drama – My Moment ft. 2 Chainz, Meek Mill and Jeremih

Drama always brings heavy-hitters together for his singles, and he’s picked up two of the most wanted rappers in the mainstream scene right now (along with perennial hook maker Jeremih) for his latest effort.

Truthfully, it’s pretty average. It’s not clear whether the song is trying to be motivational or relaxing, and instead lands in a pretty cloudy area in between that really affects the execution of the hook and beat. With that said, Meek Mill definitely steals the show here with a passionate, hungry delivery that plays up the motivational aspects better than the rest of the vocal work, though 2 Chainz’s Southern drawl is still as magnetic as ever. Jeremih’s hook is very disappointing though, and the song being built so heavily around it unfortunately diminishes the replay value. Worth a listen for the entertaining Meek verse.

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