Childish Gambino-Sour Face ft. Jay Rock

One that didn’t make the final cut for Royalty, but finds a home on DJ So Super Sam’s upcoming Trigger Happy mixtape. Admittedly, I’ve got no idea who she is but she’s grabbed a good track and some nice artwork.

TDE and Gambino seem to have a good relationship as this marks the third TDE rapper to work with Childish (after ScHoolboy Q and Ab-Soul), with Jay Rock coming through and probably stealing the show here. The production is one of those darker, gritter and more aggressive beats that Gambino favoured on Royalty, which suits Jay down to a tee as his rough, powerful style melds with the beat excellently, enhancing the intensity of the track. Things cool down a little for Gambino’s verse as he focuses a little more on the wordplay, though its still a solid verse that’s worth a go. That Alison Brie line…

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