Childish Gambino-Royalty

A project that’s been hotly anticipated by many, and as promised Gambino drops off his latest effort Royalty, the first new set of works since the superb Camp album.

Almost everything we’ve heard from (or assumed to be from) this mixtape has been of a very good standard, and not only that but there’s clearly been an evolution in Childish’s skills that warrants attention. Whilst his material has clearly indicated that music is his primary focus right now, what’s equally telling is the roster of artists who have elected to work with him recently, and this 18-track project continues those co-signs with RZA, Ghostface Killah and many more thrown into the mix. Thoroughly excited about this project, and you can grab it for free at Gambino’s house below.

Childish Gambino-Royalty (UPDATE: I’m aware CG’s site is struggling, so enjoy an alternate download link available here)

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