Childish Gambino-Fire Fly Video

Last year’s Camp release gets a new video release, though this one’s definitely unexpected given both the slightly different direction Gambino’s music has gone in recent months, and the fact the album was released quite some time ago.

It’s actually surprisingly dark and unusual at times, with the visuals ranging from quite violent scenes to bizarre mind control-esque devices, some kind of time or dimension-travel machine and more. It’s built quite progressively, as the video starts fairly normally (with the exception of the lead character glancing up at what looks like a very nearby planet), before moving into a sci-fi, parallel universe angle which doesn’t match up with the style and vibe of the audio at all. Hence, it’s an almost disorienting watch at times and doesn’t quite sit right, not least because the last minute seems to try to pack so much in. As individual entities, the audio is great and the video would be fine set to an M83 track (or similar), and whilst I’m all for attempting audio-to-video style contrasting, to me this doesn’t come off as a package.

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