Charles Hamilton – Ill Doesn’t Meen Classic Mixtape

This guy’s career is a bizarre mess right now, and it’s a damn shame. A few years ago, the hip-hop community held incredibly high hopes for Charles, and since he’s suffered with wave after wave of controversy and failings.

With that said, here’s hoping this tape marks a comeback. I caught a track from this last week, I Don’t Care, and that oft-forgotten talent is back on show, as Charles delivered some likeable raps over a much crisper-sounding production (he finally upped his mixing and mastering, it seems). Whilst the track credits Eminem as a co-producer, I have my doubts over the legitimacy of that claim given Hamilton’s past misdemeanours with attribution, but nonetheless it’s a good slice of rap that bodes well for the rest of tape.

Charles Hamilton – Ill Doesn’t Meen Classic

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