Azealia Banks-Nathan ft. Styles P

As far as I’m concerned, Azealia really needed a track like this. Her content is increasingly pop-driven, and despite her very public issues with ‘rapping’, it’s her ability as a rapper that built up such buzz behind her.

A thudding bass comprises the focal point of this production, making for a speaker-rattling platform that throws in some light electro elements and a dash of supporting percussion. Banks’ raps are as good as they’ve been for a while, demonstrating those razor-sharp flows in a manner that snyergises excellently with the production, increasing in intensity as the production begins to take more life. Styles P jumps on for that hip-hop co-sign, delivering a great verse of his own with a nice blend of aggressive lyrics and a slick flow for what’s a memorable performance. One the hip-hop fans can definitely appreciate, and let’s hope there’s more coming.

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