Asher Roth-Roof Behind the Grill ft. Buddy

Another freelease from Asher, and this one will definitely reel in those who enjoyed the type of material he put out when working with Nottz a little while back. The beat is bassy, hard-hitting and slowed-down, giving Asher a thick and intense backdrop to lay his laidback style on top of.

Interestingly though, the raps are still pretty light-hearted and fun, mostly centred around general BBQ shenanigans and hence it’s actually a decent direction for the beat: instead of opting to take himself too seriously with such a gritty beat, Asher capitalises on the production’s head-nodding qualities with easygoing raps that have a little fun with it. Admittedly, it’ll have a limited appeal and will probably wear off sooner rather than later, but for now it’s a solid listen that’ll kick nicely in the car.

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