XV-Stone Cold Video

New visuals from Vizzy, right on the back of his most recent mixtape release, Popular Culture. This clip was one of the first tracks released around the time XV announced the mixtape, and hence is a good choice for a clip given its familiarity with audiences.

The video’s pretty laidback and summery, taking place across what I assume to be XV’s hometown in various regular and everyday spots. There’s no real pretention here and for that reason it’s a very easy watch, showing XV as a regular guy whilst allowing him enough room to display a little energy and personality, not least by hanging around in a Stone Cold Steve Austin t-shirt.

The chilled, everyday nature of the video compliments the softer side of the production nicely, and hence this is a good all-round audiovisual that will certainly entice many into getting that mixtape, if they haven’t already.

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