XV-Be There, Be Square

Vizzy’s been very active recently, and thankfully there’s a project in sight to capitalise on his renewed buzz, with the Popular Culture set for release on 15th June, and this particular track is the first single from the tape.

This one’s a relatively feelgood effort, with XV proudly displaying his ‘square’ nature and coming through with an anthem for his fanbase, otherwise known as the Squarians. Produced by Xaphoon Jones of Chiddy Bang, the beat is a nice medley of chillout elements in the verses and amped-up, sharp percussion for the hook, keeping a laidback consistency in the track whilst adding a little energy. Vizzy’s raps are the same as ever: decent flow, a couple of very clever punchlines, and generally inoffensive. That being said, they do feel as though there’s something missing here, and it may just be that he didn’t quite command the beat as he normally does. Solid if unspectacular effort.

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