XV-Andy Warhol ft. Slim The Mobster

Another one from the upcoming Popular Culture tape, dropping on Friday, and this is probably the best track XV has put out as part of his recent barrage of music.

The track’s heavily based around Warhol’s famous ‘everyone will be famous for 15 (stylised as XV in the cover art) minutes‘, and that leads to Vizzy bringing an intensity that’s not often found in his work, giving his verse much more gravitas and depth with an intense, strong delivery throughout. The hook retains that vibe but throws in a nice catchy element that Slim provides the assist for, whilst the production combines pounding percussion with solid work on the keys that provides some excellent transitions throughout the track, adding a seriousness to the verses but switching to more uplifting chords for the hook. It’s definitely one of Vizzy’s more rounded tracks to date, and definitely worth a grab.

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