Shady Blaze-G.O.D.

Having really enjoyed one of his tracks almost a year back, it seems odd I’ve not kept closer tabs on Shady. Nonetheless, he’s back in our sights with a great release that’s been turning heads for the last 24 hours.

I couldn’t pinpoint the sample (and neither could the rest of the internet, it seems) but it eventually struck me: Shady’s reworked J. Cole’s Blow Up from the Friday Night Lights mixtape to excellent effect here, making much better use of the sample and delivering raps that are quite simply superb. Shady’s flow is incredibly watertight throughout the track, switching between various speeds with great ease, whilst still having enough left to drop off an anthemic hook. The hunger’s definitely there in his voice and Shady’s ‘come up’ raps are a passionate, skillful listen that will continue to get plenty of deserved attention in hip-hop circles.

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