Problem-T.O. ft. Skeme Video

Sometimes, I just attach myself to an artist and I’m not 100% sure why. Over the last year or so, I’ve really kept an eye out for Problem’s music/features, and whilst I’ve probably missed some, there’s a general likeability about the guy that I can’t quite pinpoint. The likely reason is a combination of his brash style, catchy delivery and ear for a beat, and frankly his music is simple stuff that just gets your head nodding.

Aside from his feature on a Snoop track a couple of years back, this is the track I’ve enjoyed most of his to date. It’s no lyrical masterpiece, it has no complex wordplay, and isn’t a feat of production genius. Instead, it’s a rude, simplistic and fantastically addictive track that remained a guilty pleasure track of mine for months recently. Easily my favourite track on Problem’s Welcome to Mollywood, DJ Mustard beat draws on his popular Rack City beat for inspiration with a dark, intense style coupled with a club sensibility, whilst Prob and Skeme hold nothing back with their catchy raps and extremely infectious hook. One of those tracks that bounces pretty nicely in the car, and you can grab it on Problem’s mixtape here.

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