Mac Miller and Pharrell-Onaroll

More than a one-off track, as this is the first release from the duo’s upcoming Pink Slime project. Can’t say I expected this, but if this track’s anything to go by we’re in for some high-octane stuff.

Pharrell brings an energetic production for Mac to work with here, progressively introducing a range of instruments and sound effects that each contribute to a lively, head-nodder of a beat. It’s certainly one of his more uptempo production in recent times, and he’s probably got a real club hit on his hands with this one. Mac’s raps are relatively simplistic throughout but it’s hardly a production tailored to head-twisting metaphors and wordplay, and whilst he’s not going to blow anyone’s face off with the lyricism, the flows ride the beat well and the content is the right fit for the production. A frenetic jam that’ll take well with the mainstream fans.

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