Lupe Fiasco-Bitch Bad

The second release from the upcoming Food & Liquor 2: The Great American Rap Album Pt.1, set for release on 25th September, and expectations are high following the enjoyable Around My Way.

It’s not quite as immediately-gripping as the aforementioned track, instead it’s one that packs in the kind of lyricism that needs a few listens, and is a far cry from the travesty that was Lasers. The beat has a recent-Kanye West vibe to hit, with a production that sits somewhere between mainstream acceptability and head-nodding hip-hop fare, largely held together by a hardworking, heavy bass. Lupe’s verses are a nice mix of intelligent and accessible, as he keeps the subject matter clever with a commentary on stereotypes of women (and men) inside and outside of hip-hop, in a performance that will draw comparison with the similarly-styled subjects in Dumb It Down. Likeable track that will improve with every listen.

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