Lupe Fiasco-Around My Way (Freedom Ain't Free) Video

Huge fan of the song, and mere days after releasing the second track from Food & Liquor 2: The Great American Rap Album pt. 1, Lupe comes through with visuals for the first single.

On the surface, it’s surprisingly different for a Lupe video, by virtue of appearing to be a much more youthful, typical rap video. However, when combined with some of the lyricism and visual features such as the cartoon characters, it is instead poking a little fun at the fantasy lifestyle rappers such as himself as supposed to lead: Driving fancy cars, walking around rapping in the streets, smoking weed and so on. Generally, Lupe’s disassociated himself with such stereotypes, and hence you get the impression he’s sending out a message here. The moment you realise that, the video moves back into regular Lupe territory. For fans less accquainted with Lupe, this just looks like a solid, normal hip-hop video with no underlying message, and hence its actually a prime contender for some mainstream traction whilst still satisfying the fans who ‘get it’.

Great track, smart video and I’m really looking forward to the album release on 25th September.

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