Jared Evan-4th Chapter EP

Jared’s hybrid sound was a little hit-and-miss early in his career, but over the last year (approximately) there’s been a marked improvement in the consistency and as a result, the combination of alternative, pop, R&B and hip-hop that he brings to the table sounds increasingly impressive.

This release marks his debut EP, an 8-track effort produced by !illmind, Ill Factor and himself, and from the few tracks I’ve heard from it has the makings of being a real breakout project for Jared. There are no features and no big-name co-signs (though I recall he’s received plenty in the past), and instead Jared’s walking this one alone in an attempt to really cement a position in a music game that’s primed for another hybrid star. Time will tell if Jared can pull it off, and you can be a part of the progress by grabbing the free EP below.

Jared Evan-4th Chapter

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