Frank Ocean-Pyramids

July 17th sees the release of Frank Ocean’s major label debut LP, Channel Orange, and having recently released a trailer for that project he now liberates a track that most assume will be on the album.

And he’s done it again. This is yet another impossible-to-categorise, incredible slice of music that once again proves Frank is worthy of every slice of hype he gets. At a shade under 10 minutes long the track’s divided into two distinct pieces, and hence the production packs in plenty of diversity via electro-pop synths, R&B pacing and an alternative experimentalism, with the first half being lively and intense, whilst the second half slows things down to a more deliberate pace that acts as a come down from the vibrancy that preceded it. Frank’s vocals are as addictive as ever, with a more empassioned delivery for the first section and a wistful, reflective style for the latter segment, complimenting the diversity of the production with excellent versatility of his own. Another fantastic Frank Ocean track, and Channel Orange can’t come soon enough.

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