Danny Brown-Grown Up

Sure, being a young punk is fun, but what happens when the training wheels come off? Detroit hip-hop spitfire Danny Brown reveals the truth about what happened to his teeth in this childhood-revisited clip.

I’ve been hearing plenty about this guy for quite some time, and I’m glad to have given this excellent effort (shouts to the F365 Forum for this one) a go. The production is light with a nice depth, and has a chilled-out, laidback vibe that makes it perfect for summertime listening, whilst Danny’s raps are sharp and clear, bringing a biographical subject matter that’s packed into a flow that bounces effortlessly up and down with the beat.

The video is a fun watch, as a small boy plays the role of a young Danny, rapping his rhymes word for word. It’s both adorable and quite impressive, as the kid genuinely goes word for word and throws in a ton of personality to boot! The clip ends with a transition into the current day Danny Brown and as far as introductions go, this is a feelgood audiovisual that will win over many. Free download available here.

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