Coldplay-Princess of China ft. Rihanna Video

For the most part, I was quite disappointed with Mylo Xyloto, but this was undoubtedly one of its highlights and was always destined to be a big single from the album.

The video has a nice consistent theme running through it, injecting a heavy Chinese/Asian influence into a set of very diverse scenes, and where the audio doesn’t necessarily stick to the title in terms of using those influences, the video fills the gaps. The clip almost plays out like a martial arts film, with Chris Martin and Rihanna living very different lives, Rihanna’s of opulence and Chris’ of fighting/discipline, before the video alternates between a loving bond and a combative rivarly with one another. Clearly, that parallels the lyrics and hence the visuals are a good compliment for the audio, whilst also embellishing it with some nice imagery throughout. The only criticisms I’d have are that at times it feels a little parody-esque, and also that it just lacks a sense of grand scale that a song like this deserves. A decent watch nonetheless, and you can grab the album on iTunes now.

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