Chris Brown-Oh Yeah ft. 2 Chainz and Snoop Dogg

When he’s not getting into fights with Drake and/or Meek Mill (my views on that here), Chris Brown is releasing music that may well find a home on his upcoming Fortune album. I’ve not checked out too many of the releases from this project, but gave this one a go and its a solid pop/R&B jam that’s worth a listen.

Breezy drops off a very catchy hook on this one and refrains from making it too light or poppy, instead sticking with a strong harmony and keeping it smooth to bring some R&B style back into his craft, whilst the production is a slow, bassy affair that will get some heads nodding. A little disappointed that he overloaded on the Autotune for his verse but his delivery is solid and each of the guests bring strong contributions, with man-of-the-moment 2 Chainz dropping off a short verse halfway before Snoop brings a fun verse that bleeds his unmistakeable adlibs into the final hook for a nice closer. Good all-rounder that raises expectations for the upcoming album.

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