Childish Gambino-One Up

Childish Gambino is set to drop off his next mixtape, Royalty, on 4th July and on a stop-off at a US radio station he let loose of another track from the project.

As a result it’s just a radio rip for now, but I’m sure that’s enough to whet the appetite ahead of that release next Wednesday. It’s markedly different to almost anything we’ve heard from CG before (and could have featured in this live performance), with a dark, intense production that lends itself to raps that are harsher and a touch more aggressive than any of his previous material. It’s not quite blood and thunder yet, but it’s a step away from the lighter, more pop-oriented material that he’s released, and hence is a good show of variety. Whilst many Gambino fans won’t enjoy this, this was a direction that was expected after watching the aforementioned performance, and as the first track of this ilk to actually emerge, I’m sure instead he’ll gain many more hip-hop fans with this one.

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