Bramzwig-Puzzling Thing

“Puzzling Thing” is the first release from my next mixtape coming out at the end of June. Expect the whole mixtape to have unique beats that remind you of the glory days of hip-hop, accompanied by lyrics that make you smile and think about your own life, as well as the lives of others.

Time to give some exposure to an upcomer, as Bramzwig drops off his latest effort. Many will be unfamiliar with his work, and whilst he’s probably not to everyone’s taste, there’s certainly some talent there. Inevitably, he’ll draw comparisons with Mac Miller for his feelgood style but there’s more drive and hunger in Bramzwig’s raps, as well as a little more diversity as far as subject matter goes. This clip is a fairly short one, but should hopefully serve as a good introduction, with a decent production that has a strong J Dilla influence, whilst the raps are packed into a solid, consistent flow from start to finish. Worth a listen, and I’m interested to see what comes next.

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