Azealia Banks-Liquorice Video

Having been released way back in December, in today’s short-term music climate it feels like this song has been out forever. Nonetheless, Azealia included it on her recent 1991 EP and it’s set to be her next single, with a pretty strong reception to the track from mainstream heads thus far, and hence it’s a good selection for the visual treatment.

Whilst it lacks the instant ‘cool’ of 212, this is a good video style to try and crack that mainstream crowd. It’s bright, colourful, fun and stylish, as Azealia’s allowed to express a little more freedom in terms of showing off her interest in fashion, and on the flipside has a few elements that are somewhat more conventional for a music video, particularly the forest scenes (though I can’t tell if they’re meant to be a parody or not?) and the general structure of the video.

Most importantly, it’s an energetic video that matches her razor-sharp flows and the lively electro production well, making this an audiovisual package that could make a real assault on the mainstream consciousness over the summer. Expect to hear this in a club near you very soon, and you can grab the EP over here.

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