Asher Roth-Good Morning View

Some very likeable newness from Asher, which I’m going to assume and hope is from his upcoming Is This Too Orange? album.

The title and artwork actually capture the essence of the song brilliantly, as the smooth yet lively instrumentation genuinely has that early morning sunrise vibe to it, combining guitar plucks, soft keys and easygoing percussion to be perky enough to grab your attention but with enough mellowness to prevent it from becoming overly energetic. Asher’s work matches up to those qualities excellently, delivering a chilled out set of verses with a summer-centric subject matter, alongside a catchy and upbeat hook that is kept short and sweet, ensuring the track anchors around the detail in the verses rather than the hook. A great summer jam from Asher, and I’ll be giving this one a lot of time over the coming weeks.

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