ANTHM-Joy & Pain ft. Freddie Gibbs

I caught one of ANTHM’s tracks, Life Imitates Art, a while back and thoroughly enjoyed it, and having recently stumbled on another gem from him I’ve got good hopes for the rapper.

Grabbing a nice Freddie Gibbs co-sign (plus a Blu feature on the full Joy & Pain EP), this track boasts a superb production that seems to constantly change. The first verse utilises minimal percussion to enhance the intense synths, before switching to a quicker pace in a hook that samples the beat from Jesse Boykins III’s I Can’t Stay. Towards the end of the hook and for Gibbs’ verse however, there’s a prominent electronica-style melody that brings a real atmospheric vibe to the track, whilst the final verse brings the aforementioned sample to the forefront. It’s a dynamic beat that’s seems to grow in stature as the song develops, a feature compliment by raps that begin with introspection and end with positivity. Sadly, I’m out of space to do justice to the raps, but I’d wholly recommend this as essential hip-hop listening. You can grab the track as part of the full free EP below.

ANTHM-Joy & Pain EP

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