XV-Tappin' Out (Cashin' Out Freestyle)

Taking on one of the mainstream’s favourites right now in Ca$h Out’s single (shout out to Ca$h’s management team, who are RELENTLESS with their email promotion), XV follows up his Stone Cold Steve Austin-referring track with one that features Bret Hart on the artwork. I already liked XV, but now I’m fully on board!

The production is light, upbeat and packs a nice bounce, making for a nice contrast to his previous laidback release. Vizzy takes on the playful beat well, laying his natural charisma on thick with a cool and confident hook (featuring a couple of submission references), followed by some characteristically witty raps packed into a couple of solid flows. A good show of versatility from XV with two distinctly different tracks in a short period of time, and hopefully there’s more to come.

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