Rick Ross-Touch ‘N You ft. Usher

God Forgives, I Don’t is on the horizon, and recent collaborators Rick Ross and Usher hook up once more for the latest release from that project.

I’ve been hugely underwhelmed by everything from this project thus far, but this is definitely a step up. The production begins with a slow, smooth quality that mirrors some of Drake’s early material, before moving into yet another catchy Usher vocal, and finally ending up at a Ross verse with a percussion that adds some energy into the track. Occasionally, that blend of soft synth and urgent percussion sounds a bit cluttered and confused, but for the most part it’ll hold up well enough to satisfy the mainstream. Undoubtedly though, it’s the Usher hook and vocals that make this one, and it’s as good an advertisment for Ush’s own upcoming album as it is for the Ross album.

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