Ne-Yo-Lazy Love

Of the trillions of possible album titles, why Ne-Yo opted to use the same title as Game’s album released less than a year ago is beyond me. It helps no-one and it’s not even that good of a name. R.E.D. Yeah, creative.

The first release from that album, and thankfully it compensates for the silly titling. The production is anchored around a booming percussion, creating a driving power in the soundscape that is supplemented by some excellent lightness in the melodies. The soft keys, strums and synths surround themselves around the pounding percussion alternately, serving to calm it slightly and keep the track from straying too far from the realms of more laidback R&B. Vocally, Ne-Yo rarely disappoints and his delivery is on-point once again, ensuring he doesn’t get too wrapped up in the more intense elements by resisting the temptation to cut loose and deliver an overly-passionate segment. It’s nothing revolutionary, but a solid R&B jam for sure.

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