Nas-Daughters Video

Pretty much every track Nas has let loose from Life Is Good has been met with a good reception, but arguably none more so than this one. It gained pretty much universal acclaim on its release a couple of weeks back, and Nas rightfully comes through with a clip for the single.

It’s a simple and effective video, interspersing close-ups of Nas with close-ups of his family life. There’s no facade here as its a part-celebratory part-biographical account of Nas’ relationship with his daughter, oftentimes being a very touching and heartwarming affair that I’m sure many parents will relate to. The progression of the video matches the honesty of the lyricism, following the difficulties surrounding the growth and maturity of his daughter, and painting a great picture of the hardships of being a celebrity parent, as Nas owns up to not bringing his daughter up in the best of circumstances whilst documenting her own misdemeanours.

It’s a great clip that makes for open, honest viewing and a refreshing, personal listen. Life Is Good due July 17th, and you can grab this single on iTunes right now.

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