Mickey Factz-Taking Pictures of Girls Naked

NOT work safe. Also, anyone under 18 needs to watch something else.

I’ve been enjoying the soundtrack to the Mickey Mause documentary so much that the opportunity to check out the actual documentary and all of the accompanying visuals hasn’t arisen. That being said, this was the standout track and seemed a good start to hunt down the video series.

The video takes full inspiration from the title and lyrical content, as the Mickey Mause character gets an close-up and personal photography session with a more than willing model. Despite the obvious sexual overtones of the video, there is something oddly captivating beyond that (I’m being serious!), possibly down to the general cool vibe of the Mause character and the ridiculousness of his daily life. The audio is an excellent blend of classic Mickey Factz storytelling with a thick electro production that sacrifices tempo for depth and power. Mickey’s raps are simple and to the point, setting the scenes perfectly, whilst the intense, rugged electronic tones give the track a raw, attitudinal edge that feed into the character’s cool vibes. Worth a watch (if you’re of age), and definitely worth a listen; grab the excellent Mickey Mause mixtape here.

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