Masspike Miles-Killa

Maybach Music’s best kept secret, and he’s rapidly become one of R&B’s best kept secret’s too. His material since the turn of the year has been top drawer, and frankly I’m surprised MMG haven’t utilised his talents more. This one was dropped earlier this week and is set for his upcoming Skky Miles project (not a typo).

The production is a brilliant blend of soft and energetic, combining smooth, airy synth work with punchy percussion, amongst many other elements, for a superb backdrop with a lot of depth. Masspike’s vocals follow the same style, with his delivery being a little more restrained in the verses before he takes on a much more passionate delivery for the bridge, whilst the hook work actually lies somewhere in between. The latter vocals make for a nice surprise, as he doesn’t go for overkill with the hook and instead rides along the beat with a confidence and poise that belies his status as a relative upcomer. Enjoyable effort, looking forward to Skky Miles.

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