M83-Reunion Video

Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming is one of my favourite albums of the last 12 months, and M83 come through with hugely-anticipated visuals for the next single from that album.

The first, the fantastically-feelgood Midnight City, featured a video that initially felt like it missed the vibe of the audio by opening with dark scenes, featuring a grim prison for supernaturally-gifted children, before turning things around with brighter images of freedom, talent and rebelliousness. This video is the direct sequel to that in both style and storyline, opening in an ominous manner (and even a possible child death!) before moving into heavy action scenes and a fight seemingly of good versus evil, ending grandly in a spiritual and celestial manner. It’s a duet of videos laden with messages of trapped youth, revolution and spiritualism, and hence they’re fantastically gripping watches that are about as engaging as any videos I’ve seen in recent years.

A true example of how to combine stylistic excellence with a captivating story, and on reflection its astounding that they’ve managed to pack so much detail and depth into just a few short minutes. I’ve no reservations saying that when placed in sequence with the Midnight City clip, this is one of the best videos you’ll see this year. Grab the album on iTunes now.

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