Lil’ Wayne-Goulish

Pusha T dropped a terrific track earlier this week (sadly, I didn’t have to time to post it. It’s tough working solo!) that Wayne took exception to, marking the latest milestone in a G.O.O.D./YMCMB feud that’s been simmering (via subtle digs) for a while. Given that Pusha and Wayne had their own issues a few years back, this response suggests things are back on between them.

A radio rip for now, but the message is clear. Credit to Wayne as he doesn’t hold back too much, opening with the Tweet linked above and continuing with some relatively aggressive raps, and whilst it’s not going down in history as a great diss track, it’s nice to hear fire in Wayne’s voice again. Cudi tweeted a response recently, so the question is who steps up to the plate next? Admittedly, it’s probably a manufactured ‘beef’ to sell some CDs, but it’s entertaining nonetheless.

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