Kanye West-Lost In The World Video

Filmmaker Ruth Hogben collaborates with award-winning musician Kanye West to create a film for his single Lost in the World. Hogben’s piece breaks the mould of popular rap aesthetics while still celebrating the extraordinary talent that has made West a modern icon.

Talk about setting high expectations with the introductory text. Does this really ‘break the mould’? It’s an enjoyable clip aesthetically, there’s no doubt about that, but aside from the monochromatics and top-down camera angle, there’s nothing thematically groundbreaking here whatsoever and instead I’d call it pretty disjointed.

I’m sure some would view that disjointed quality as the intention of a video titled Lost In The World, but surely the key idea behind a music video (and after all, that’s all this is) is to enhance the song rather than muddling it with a messy attempt at artistic triumph. I’m always interested in videos that push boundaries or do something totally different, but this just doesn’t do that in any real meaningful way. Visually impressive, but thematically loose.

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