Ellie Goulding-High For This (The Weeknd Cover)

Risky. Ellie hooks up with Xaphoon Jones of Chiddy Bang to take one of the The Weeknd’s finest tracks to date, and given that his fanbase is increasingly a combination of hipsters and clueless girls (I’m flouncing around somewhere in between), it’s one that will inevitably be met with instant skepticism by many.

It’s a different take on the track, moving away from the original’s lush, atmospheric soundscapes into a more minimal, electronically-driven style. Truthfully, I’m not sure it completely comes off as you’re left waiting for something to really grab you, but whilst it’s not as addictive or instantly loveable as the original is, it deserves credit for trying to put a twist on the formula rather than attempting to recreate it. The primary criticism I’d have is that the Autotune really doesn’t suit Golding at all and she’d probably have done a fine job going for some natural vocals on this, but nonetheless its worth a listen or two, even if it just means you end up appreciating the original even more.

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