Ed Sheeran-Small Bump Video

Undoubtedly, this is one of the more touching efforts on Ed Sheeran’s hugely popular + album, and probably goes down as the favourite of many from the LP. The softness of the lyricism compliments the mellow instrumental work throughout, whilst Ed’s introspective and reflective vocal work rounds off the audio as one with a real emotional depth.

The video could have gone in a few directions, and it has to be said that he’s picked one of the better options here. The clip focuses on the aforementioned introspection, as Ed has an internal conversation, whilst the world moves on unnoticed around him. The key theme is the isolation he feels throughout, cutting a lonely figure from start to finish despite the activity around him, whilst credit goes to his acting at the end as he (or his ‘character’) appears to struggle with holding the emotions back.

Much like his Lego House video, it’s a simple yet very effective effort that both encapsulates the audio and Ed Sheeran perfectly: no frills, no glitz, just a solid message with a strong delivery.

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