DMX-The Weigh In EP

In those 5 minute gaps between prison sentences, DMX has managed to find the time over the last few years to put together an 11-track free EP of all new material to satisfy those who still retain any interest in the veteran. It’s been 6 years since his last (non-compilation) album, and truthfully he’s hardly cultivated his brand in the intervening years. Nonetheless, I’m sure there’s an audience, even if its the morbidly curious.

Couple of big names help Earl out on this one, as Snoop Dogg, Tyrese and Lil’ Wayne make appearances, whilst Dr. Dre is listed as being behind the boards on the Snoop Dogg feature. I’ve not got great expectations for this project in truth, but if it reinvigorates DMX’s career then I’m all for it. At worst, you’ll head down memory lane thanks to those trademark canine-inspired adlibs. Free grab below.

DMX-The Weigh In

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