Cocaine 80s-Chain Glow ft. Nas

Given the vast amount of material that Common, James Fauntleroy, No I.D. and friends have released as Cocaine 80s, it’s a surprise I’ve not posted any of it on here. Nonetheless, they’ve started releasing more music recently after a few months off, and this is certainly the standout of the bunch courtesy of a great Nas verse.

Fauntleroy does a superb job with his harmonies throughout this one, taking on the soft yet atmospheric No I.D. production with a delicate delivery on the vocals, both in rapped and singing sections, working to really accetuate the high points of the beat and showcase his own abilities. The slick Nas verse contrasts excellently with the smooth vocal work that comes before and after it, with a razor-sharp delivery that definitely leaves you wanting more; clever move with his next album on the horizon. A really likeable effort that straddles the lines of soul, R&B and hip-hop very expertly.

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